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descriptionIntroduce Yourselves EmptyIntroduce Yourselves


I am from Glasgow in Scotland
I guess i am probably the OLDEST member.
Currently Also playing War Thunder, World of Warships, Fortnight, PUPG
I am a family Man with 2 kids aged 16 and 11

My other big interest and hobby is 3D Printing i have 2 3D printers and am currently printing the Mark 48 Iron Man Suit for my daughter to wear at Halloween....

I am a member of the Admin team at RpG.

descriptionIntroduce Yourselves EmptyRe: Introduce Yourselves

Hey. My name is Andrew. I'm from Russia, city of Nizhny Novgorod. I am 25 years old. I work as a CNC milling machine. I take an interest in cars and beautiful PCs. Sometimes use snuff Smile
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