right, since only "administrators" can post a new topic in the unban request section, which is kinda messed up imo, im forced to post this here Very Happy

Server Banned From: i assume there is just one... RpG Crossfire 24/7
Player Name : w<3.zowie ossi!
Date of Ban : today, 16th of September 2018
Admin Who Banned You : The_Mask
Reason Given For Ban : Unfortunately there was no reason given.
Why You Feel You Should be Unbanned: Like honestly i dont know whether we want to start this all again, I'm known on this server for quite a while, banned several times already, The_Mask I hope you read this, you banned me for the 3rd time now at least, never having ANY proof like a demo or a pbss, all pbss's of me that were being taken were legit and clean.... I hope youre well aware that banning innocent players with no reason/proof has to have further consequences regarding your adminship..!!
Idk what to say I'm sure that Insiduos will take care of this here and handle my unban professionally, like he always did.
For those who dont know me, I might make a topic introducing myself a bit...

Regarding the ban.. well i dont even know what to say... why I feel i should be unbanned is simply i dont hack, have never hacked, will never hack... im just a decent player playing this game for like 6-7 years now..

Hope to play again soon lol