•name: Joshua
•ign: DEADBeaTZA . Old name was "JoshIsWhite"
•age: 16 (but more mature than you think)
•gender: Male
•Time played on server: unsure but definitely hours
•country: South Africa
•languages: English and Afrikaans
•prestige level: 3

Reason why Im applying for Adminship ? I've always wanted to supervise a server and make sure everyone is getting the best of the best , I want to make it a better server or community for everyone and I only need minimal power / rights . I won't abuse the power rights of Adminship and neither am I unfair or selfish , if someone asks for help , Im there . Im a social person and Im online when there isn't really other admins online and that's what bothers me , if there is no admin online then how will the server be safe ? So please just keep in mind that I am a regular player on this server and I love it ! Please accept me